Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My 15th Anniverary is in a week - what to do?

We are celebrating 15 years on the 15th. It's a week day and our weekends before and after it are tied up. Plus, our "main" babysitter, my mother in law (if you call watching the kids once every couple months regular) is out of the country until the end of October. Our other "back-up" can never be nailed down. We both keep saying we'll swap babysitting (we watch theirs once, they watch ours once), but it never happens either... so, we'll have the kids no matter what it seems.

So what to do? It's a beautiful time of year, but I'm not feeling overly creative these days. Plus, I'm tired of being the one to plan all the time, so I haven't gotten to it. We keep saying on a big anniversary we will get away and it hasn't happened yet. I think we still should plan for some time away, but it will have to be later, but what for now? I'm so drawing a blank!

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