Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Can't politicians keep it in their pants?

Another congressman was caught in an affair - two at the same time actually... WHY!?!?!?

I totally don't understand why men, especially, can't control themselves when it means DISASTER if they are found out about an affair. Not only does it ruin them politically, try repairing marriage when an affair has been made public = when EVERYONE knows?

Now, I TOTALLY think that a person's private life is just that - private. If a man or woman has an affair, that's their business as long as no laws are broken. It is just a fact that men (and I'm using men as that's who our leader's and in the eye people have been) with power or influence or clout, tend to "get around". It used to be "hush-hush" and discreet, now it means blowing whistles.

So, if you are a politician, especially and you KNOW that every single man in modern history who has been caught in an affair has gone down BURNING career-wise, WHY? WHY? do they continue to "do it"?

And WHY does it always seem to be the ones that want the toughest punishments for these "acts" and those that preach family values, that seem to get caught the most? Ironic, isn't it? Thou dost protest too much!


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