Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OK, Sarah Palin

When her nomination was announced and I learned about her stance and lack of experience and life circumstances (even before it was disclosed her teen daughter was pregnant), I was FURIOUS that McCain could insult female voters that way - COMPLETELY insulted. If you like Hilary Clinton or not, NO ONE can really say she's not ready for office or qualified for it, but PALIN????

I am so completely thrilled that her lack of readiness is so apparent, but still appalled with the converts. It does not say good things for the USA.

Though, I did have to ask myself why I felt she should be staying at home with her infant with down syndrome and her pregnant teen? Would I feel the same way if it were the father? Yes and no. I TRULY believe that a woman has every right to be in the office, but ANYONE who pretends that mom and dads are the SAME are so not facing the truth. This baby NEEDS his mother - more than an average infant. Plus she CHOSE to have this child with special needs therefore she is obligated to choose HIM over career prospects right now. And as far as the teen daughter? Isn't she going through enough without her now being watched by the whole country, no WORLD??? So yes, I feel as a female she has more obligation to turn this opportunity down, but you know what? If Mrs. Palin was Mr. Palin, I would feel the same - not the time to be in the public eye and away from home. But then it is OBVIOUS she is a self-centered woman only thinking of her own prospects and not those of her children which just seems so twisted and wrong. I would do ANYTHING to nurture and protect my kids and I am appalled that Sarah and her "family values" does not see how messed up her priorities are.

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