Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have a couple cakes to do for this weekend. One is for a birthday party and it will be this sesame street image... I LOVE Sesame Street so I was even willing to do an image with all those colors because well, it will be FUN to see it come together... LOVE that show... did I ever grow up?

I'm still trying to decide what to do for the other cake though. TOOOOOO many choices for halloween! Look for some images later today and tomorrow for my inspiration!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another LONG delay

Well, we thought the computer was fixed, but it's not... so, no easy access. Plus, I've been so busy lately, I haven't had much time to write things up.

It's been a LONG time between cake orders, but I had one this weekend and it turned out pretty cute and they seemed happy enough. The image must have looked real enough too because JUST in the nick of time I stopped Henry from trying to pick up the car off the cake (or so he thought he could do!) YIKES!!! Now THAT would have been a disaster. I was all worried about the cats (but they are great and I hide the cake away), but the toddler! He'll get the best of a cake yet, I'm sure! This cake was my first "painting" a cake too and for someone who has NO artistic talent, I think I did a pretty good job on the mountains/mesas in the distance!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!

Our laptop died and so my convenient computer is no longer accessible. We have a great Mac upstairs, but I can't keep an eye on my toddler when I use it and then in the evenings, my husband hogs the computer... guess who's pushing to get the computer fixed ASAP?!?!?!

Not much here though. I just got myself my FIRST set of good knives. I got just three by Global. They have really good reviews and I liked how they fit in my hand. If I really like them, I'll get more. I finally decided that enough was enough with the bad knives when I went to slice a tomato for a salad last week and realized that I had basically crushed the beautiful tomato because I didn't have a SINGLE sharp knife!!! Then I got to thinking, I cook EVERY DAY. I make everything by scratch and I slice and chop vegetables DAILY... Then WHY am I using grocery store, plastic handle knives when I have really good quality everything else?!?!? It makes NO SENSE! 14 years of marriage on crap, crap knives. I won't know what to do with a sharp knife! I'll have to tell you if they are as good as the hype.

Still searching for that "me" bag and boy, there are some BEAUTIFUL bags out there - WOW!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Just bought a refurbished Kitchenaid from!

I have been waffling about getting a KA mixer for eons. Since I already have an excellent mixer, I didn't "need" one, but my mixer, while FANTASTIC for whole grain bread making and for making buttercream and cake batter (it has two separate mixing bowls and beaters), it's NOT good for getting cookie dough consistency right.

Kitchenaid mixers, on the other hand, are NOT good for kneading really heavy doughs or fondant, but are great for cookie doughs and cake batter. So, I've been on the fence about it for about 6 months. But today I see they are selling refurbished KAs from Amazon SHIPPED for $125 and they aren't awful colors and today I decided to go for it. Baking season is upon me and I would love to have an appropriate mixer. For the LONGEST time I was tempted to get the Bosch compact mixer, but it has the same mixing issues as the DLX2000! So, what's the point? Yes, they are cheap and excellent, but it would be seriously duplicating my existing collection.

Yay! a new toy!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Had a nice shopping day yesterday!

I decided to go to the outlet mall yesterday. It was too hot to hang outside, so our walk was indoors yesterday. Henry enjoyed it too. He walked the entire length of the mall (and that mall is LONG) and then I convinced him to sit in the stroller. He had a drink and a small snack and then he ZONKED!!! So then it was MY turn! LOL

I walked back the length of the mall and stopped off at stores of interest. And I was SOOOOOO good. I only got a new pyrex tote bag kit (ours died) for $10 and a few replacement pieces at the Corelle outlet store, but I ooed and ahed at LOTS of nice handbags! WOW! I saw a lot of the bags I had heard of, but never seen and boy are some just so buttery soft! Very nice and I was VERY GOOD and didn't get one.

I did try to search for clothes for the two monsters, but I didn't find ANYTHING I wanted. Even at outlet prices, it's too much money or looks icky. I'll hit my consignment stores again... that always works!

Later, I went to Goodwill and Salvation Army for DH's costume parts and we FINALLY have it together. He's going as Borat (DH is tall with the same kind of hair as Borat (Sasha Cohen) and similar build) He has a beard and mustache now, but he'll shave his beard and temporarily dye/paint his auburn mustache black... He can talk like Borat too... it will be SOOOOO funny and I'll definitely post pictures! Finding a suit that works is REALLY difficult though, I tell ya!

I think for a gag, I'll get him the Borat swimsuit too. They are so cheap on ebay and he would LAUGH so hard! Our anniversary is in little over a week, so that should be FUNNY!

Initially, Henry was going to go as a bear and I was going to go as the other dude from Borat - you know... the fat one. I still might do it, but we'll see. We are going to a party and we like to dress in "theme" if possible. Adrian is going as a Gorilla! LOL Otherwise, for Halloween Henry is going as Blue from Blues Clues and for a momsclub party I'm dressing as Magenta! LOL Can you tell we like Halloween?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Feels like Summer in October

It's hard to feel in the baking mood when it's nearly 90 degrees outside and it WILL be 90 some this weekend. I have a 1/2 bushel of apples just waiting for me too!

I'm still trying to decide what to make for this business fair (very small time) with the Momsclub... I want it to be good, but not something I would have to take EONS to do, you know?
Of course, this head cold I'm developing isn't helping me with being motivated, that's for sure! ugh.... Now, how I'M getting the cold when I wash my hands all the time and basically have NO EXPOSURE to anything, I don't know! I can't even blame the toddler, because I'm the only one who has anything! Let's hope it stays that way!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Can you see me smiling?

Need I say more? Ok, maybe this... things are definitely getting better and HE initiated... YAY me!!!! A little confidence HELPS!

Other than that... Ummm... same old same old. I need to do some shopping today. BOTH my kids are growing like WEEDS! I sorted through clothes and yikes! My toddler has THREE pairs of pants that fit! Think it's time to RESTOCK! Maybe I'll find that bag for just me too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Developing a new dangerous love - handbags!

I know I will never spend thousands on a handbag, but I have been sucked in a bit and mostly because I got tired of carrying DIAPER bags. As a SAHM, I have to have practical bags - they have to have outside water bottle pockets, have to have easy to get to pockets for keys and phone and hopefully, one for snacks. Ideally it will have two handle types, but at least one that is adjustable. And, it has to feel good when worn - not heavy on the shoulder when full and lastly, it has to be easy to access the interior to grab what I need. Now, all of this cannot fit in a small bag, so they are bigger bags too... which is OK since bags are larger now than they have been in past years.

And for some reason, I'm wanting a pewter colored bag? I guess all this "trying to feel better about myself" has led me to wanting a ME bag and not a "baby" bag. Oh, I haven't talked about it yet, but just by switching to a normal bra and not a nursing bra and getting new clothes (just 4 tops and three pants) that are flattering has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER! I don't feel like a frump!!! Also, I've been wearing my hair down, not tied up. ALL of this is just making me feel like a WOMAN again who also has children... not just Mommy.

It must be working all around because while we are still are not great, DH is smiling more, talking with me more, and being a bit more affection. We have a long ways to go, but feeling better about how I LOOK boosted my confidence and seeing that it is paying off a little with other people, it boosts the confidence more - now it's the upwards spiral.

So... that led to wanting to have a great handbag that will work as a mommy bag but that is really for ME... I've had mixed luck finding anything too! I found a great summer style bag, but would like a nice black or especially a pewter bag. I've never, ever gotten something a little flashy, and I still want it to be subtle, but I just really desire a little bling in my life!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn is definitely here and I LOVE it!

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crispness of it, the smell of it and the look of it. Spring is great and beautiful, but there's just something about fall that makes me happy. Plus, I start thinking about baking and cooking in general. It starts with wanting to bake with apples, then pumpkin and then by the time winter is in full swing, cookies and other baked goods... And not just baked goods, but soups and stews and other baked or roasted items... serious YUM!

Saturday at the farmer's market I bought a 1/2 bushel of apples, that's a SERIOUS amount of apples (like 20 lbs!!!), but I've done that the last two years, made a bunch of baked goods (plus just normal eating of them) and we don't waste a single one!

What I kick myself about is not getting an apple peeler/corer/slicer YEARS AGO! I can get 8 cups of cut up apples in 10 minutes now where it would take me FOREVER before and that old fashioned contraption is only $25, so there was NO REASON to not get it all those years! I guess I was just skeptical in how they worked until I saw it on some TV show and then I was sold!

Today is now Monday and I need to sort through my youngest's wardrobe. We have some SERIOUS weeding too. He has outgrown most of his wardrobe, so I need to see what's lacking (if anything)... it's just MORE stuff for me to take photos of and SELL... I don't know why I drag my feet on getting the baby stuff sold. I'm not pining after having another baby, heck no!!! But... I hate selling small items because it's a lot of effort for not much reward! But, there is a reward for doing it, so I just can't donate them either!

Well... time to wake up DH and get the day started.