Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Developing a new dangerous love - handbags!

I know I will never spend thousands on a handbag, but I have been sucked in a bit and mostly because I got tired of carrying DIAPER bags. As a SAHM, I have to have practical bags - they have to have outside water bottle pockets, have to have easy to get to pockets for keys and phone and hopefully, one for snacks. Ideally it will have two handle types, but at least one that is adjustable. And, it has to feel good when worn - not heavy on the shoulder when full and lastly, it has to be easy to access the interior to grab what I need. Now, all of this cannot fit in a small bag, so they are bigger bags too... which is OK since bags are larger now than they have been in past years.

And for some reason, I'm wanting a pewter colored bag? I guess all this "trying to feel better about myself" has led me to wanting a ME bag and not a "baby" bag. Oh, I haven't talked about it yet, but just by switching to a normal bra and not a nursing bra and getting new clothes (just 4 tops and three pants) that are flattering has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER! I don't feel like a frump!!! Also, I've been wearing my hair down, not tied up. ALL of this is just making me feel like a WOMAN again who also has children... not just Mommy.

It must be working all around because while we are still are not great, DH is smiling more, talking with me more, and being a bit more affection. We have a long ways to go, but feeling better about how I LOOK boosted my confidence and seeing that it is paying off a little with other people, it boosts the confidence more - now it's the upwards spiral.

So... that led to wanting to have a great handbag that will work as a mommy bag but that is really for ME... I've had mixed luck finding anything too! I found a great summer style bag, but would like a nice black or especially a pewter bag. I've never, ever gotten something a little flashy, and I still want it to be subtle, but I just really desire a little bling in my life!

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