Saturday, October 6, 2007

Had a nice shopping day yesterday!

I decided to go to the outlet mall yesterday. It was too hot to hang outside, so our walk was indoors yesterday. Henry enjoyed it too. He walked the entire length of the mall (and that mall is LONG) and then I convinced him to sit in the stroller. He had a drink and a small snack and then he ZONKED!!! So then it was MY turn! LOL

I walked back the length of the mall and stopped off at stores of interest. And I was SOOOOOO good. I only got a new pyrex tote bag kit (ours died) for $10 and a few replacement pieces at the Corelle outlet store, but I ooed and ahed at LOTS of nice handbags! WOW! I saw a lot of the bags I had heard of, but never seen and boy are some just so buttery soft! Very nice and I was VERY GOOD and didn't get one.

I did try to search for clothes for the two monsters, but I didn't find ANYTHING I wanted. Even at outlet prices, it's too much money or looks icky. I'll hit my consignment stores again... that always works!

Later, I went to Goodwill and Salvation Army for DH's costume parts and we FINALLY have it together. He's going as Borat (DH is tall with the same kind of hair as Borat (Sasha Cohen) and similar build) He has a beard and mustache now, but he'll shave his beard and temporarily dye/paint his auburn mustache black... He can talk like Borat too... it will be SOOOOO funny and I'll definitely post pictures! Finding a suit that works is REALLY difficult though, I tell ya!

I think for a gag, I'll get him the Borat swimsuit too. They are so cheap on ebay and he would LAUGH so hard! Our anniversary is in little over a week, so that should be FUNNY!

Initially, Henry was going to go as a bear and I was going to go as the other dude from Borat - you know... the fat one. I still might do it, but we'll see. We are going to a party and we like to dress in "theme" if possible. Adrian is going as a Gorilla! LOL Otherwise, for Halloween Henry is going as Blue from Blues Clues and for a momsclub party I'm dressing as Magenta! LOL Can you tell we like Halloween?

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