Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!

Our laptop died and so my convenient computer is no longer accessible. We have a great Mac upstairs, but I can't keep an eye on my toddler when I use it and then in the evenings, my husband hogs the computer... guess who's pushing to get the computer fixed ASAP?!?!?!

Not much here though. I just got myself my FIRST set of good knives. I got just three by Global. They have really good reviews and I liked how they fit in my hand. If I really like them, I'll get more. I finally decided that enough was enough with the bad knives when I went to slice a tomato for a salad last week and realized that I had basically crushed the beautiful tomato because I didn't have a SINGLE sharp knife!!! Then I got to thinking, I cook EVERY DAY. I make everything by scratch and I slice and chop vegetables DAILY... Then WHY am I using grocery store, plastic handle knives when I have really good quality everything else?!?!? It makes NO SENSE! 14 years of marriage on crap, crap knives. I won't know what to do with a sharp knife! I'll have to tell you if they are as good as the hype.

Still searching for that "me" bag and boy, there are some BEAUTIFUL bags out there - WOW!!!

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