Tuesday, October 7, 2008

While cake planning - I got scared to death!

On a different topic, I'm sitting on the couch next to Henry, my three year old watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and working on the laptop finalizing in an email a cake order. The couch is right next to the window. I'm typing away and then I heard a LOUD thump and saw from the corner of my eye and could hear it was a BIG bird smacking the window.

Then I look outside and I see on our wood fence, a hawk with a bird flapping around in his talons. I think the smaller bird thunked the window as the hawk swooped and caught it... Of couse, there's a mark and slight hole in the screen now. But my heart was racing as it was LOUD! Ew!!! Hope that mark is bird poo and not bird guts! The view was an awful lot like this image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/forgetmeknottphotography/456866790/

Our backyard backs up into a park, so we constantly see deer and fox, but I've never seen the hawks in action. It was probably a robin as the tree in front of the house is alive with robins today as the dogwood berries must be ready for eating - lots of fluttering going on there.

While searching photos of a hawk with a prey I saw images of like hawks with rabbits, pigeons, squirrels, and a mole. And all this makes me realize there's one more reason to keep the cats in the house - besides the danger of cars and fox. I bet neither of our cats would be too big prey for hawks or eagles! Yikes!

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