Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Halloween Costume search

I've always loved dressing up for Halloween and have done so whenever I have had a reason to do so. The past several years we have gone as a family to a party around Halloween. Everyone at the party we know through an organization we all belong to (Ethical Society), so it's fun.

The first year we went as characters from the Lord of the Rings. My husband was Gandalf, my older son was Frodo, the baby Henry was a baby hobbit and I was a peasant from Rohan.

The next year we went in our own costumes without matching. My husband was a red-neck, my son was a nerd, I was a "witchy" chef and the little guy was Blue from Blues Clues.

Last year we went from characters as Borat. My husband has a striking resemblance to Sasha Baron Cohen, so we found the perfect suit and so on and he was FABULOUS (got second place at a bar's costume contest). I went as his sidekick (yes, dressed up as a man) and our oldest did his own thing going as a gorilla and we dressed the two year old as the bear from the movie.

But how do you TOP Borat? You cannot KNOW how fabulous that costume was! I've been wracking my brain for WEEKS.. and in my sleepy state this morning I got it! We'll go as the quintessential family as Sarah Palin sees it. My husband will go as Joe Six Pack, I'll go as hockey mom and my oldest son will go as a hockey player and the 3 year old will be a hockey player in training. I think this will be SOOOOO funny as the people from the Ethical Society are ultra in tune with the political scene and well... we all think Sarah Palin is a JOKE.

I'm having so much fun trying to come up with the most redneck-like costume I can think of for my husband... and I'm trying to figure out what to do with my hair (it's waist length)... I need to make it "hipper" I think. I never wear lipstick, but I'll HAVE to for the costume to real give it the kicker!

So fun!

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Sylvia said...

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