Thursday, August 23, 2007

All my plans foiled!

As you can see, the bookcases have landed. What you can't see/know is that this is NOT the study... This is our rec room and if you look carefully, these Elephant bookcases (as my husband refers to them) are IN FRONT OF a bunch of bookcases... why you might ask? Well.... seems I, a VERY spatial person overlooked something very important...will these bookcases, destined for DHs study upstairs FIT up the stairs???? Simple answer (after an hour of careful measuring) is NO!!! I realized it while waiting for the delivery. The movers called saying they were having a difficult time getting the bookcases out of the apt. and into the elevator... then I started thinking... OMG, yes, I cleared out the furniture in the front to be able to fit through, but HOW will they go around the corners of the stairs??? We had a couple big pieces upstairs, so I measured, but they weren't so wide... and that was the kicker. Lengthwise it would work, depth it would work, but because these are 39" wide, there is no room to turn as long as it is. These are beautifully crafted, but they are ONE solid piece, you cannot separate the top from the bottom... therefore, they landed in the walkout basement rec room. The mover's dad is a carpenter and he was saying that these were VERY well made. He said that his dad would charge about $7,000 for these of this quality. He asked how much I paid and I said, "$500. He about choked. I guess if this doesn't work out...which I think it will, we could sell for over $1000 easily (the mover thought $3,500, but I don't think so).

The amazing thing is that they fit on that back wall with 1.5 inches to spare. Can you BELIEVE that? It's like I designed them to go there. We need the storage EVERYWHERE, so it's not a huge deal, but you can see what I have to do, right? Yep.... I NOW have to move SIX seven foot bookcases to fit in these three. Two (or three) will stay downstairs, but shift to the other side of the door. Two (or three) bookcases will go upstairs along with the corner bookcase. It also means WE have to take those bookcases upstairs, not movers, but ME... GREAT!!!

How is this cake related? Well, it's not really, but all this shifting and reorganizing is making it possible for me to have that cake studio. I thought of another GREAT reason why having the cake studio downstairs will be awesome. The storage room is sandwiched between this rec room which is one half library and one have movie/TV area and the new play room I am making. BTW, I got all the furniture out of there yesterday (the desk, two filing cabinets, some drawers, computer stuff and the desk chair - oh, and the movers were running so late? They didn't have time to help me with those things - I did it myself!!!). I still have the book boxes to carry up.

Anyway, that cake storage room/cake studio is between the two family "play" areas - movies/TV and playroom. I can work in there and still keep my eye on Henry!! I can easily take my rolling cart with supplies and go into his room or the rec room to work too (both have desks/tables)... so I think this will really work and be WORTH all this effort in the end. I just wish it didn't involve two full flights of stairs. I guess it's good I'm built like an ox and can move all this furniture by myself. DH last night couldn't carry the computer monitor because it hurt his injured shoulder.... Hmmm..... I'm going to begin to think he injures himself on purpose when we have things to move. Two moves ago he broke his leg a day before we started packing. I had to pack the entire house by myself. Next move 9 months later, he went ahead for his new job and I stayed behind to pack by myself again.... Then when we got here, I unpacked by myself (well both times) and now, when we are flipping now 2.5 rooms (because of my mismeasuring nightmare of the bookcases), his shoulder gets hurt a week ago and he can't help carry things!!!

So if he can't haul things, why do I keep him around? Isn't that what men are for, to help lift and carry heavy things... oh and reach high places....well, he can still do that.

Boy, me and my bright ideas!!

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