Thursday, August 30, 2007

I reclaimed the cake/sewing studio!

Ah, sweet success! I unburied the storage room, though probably only temporarily! I started to clean out my son's room yesterday and oh boy, what a disorganized nightmare. I can't decide for Adrian what he should keep or not, but I can see that his room needs have CHANGED dramatically. He still likes some of his toys - Robo Sapien and Legos and Beyblades are about it. So, he needs room for these, but he is drawing and writing and painting ALL the time and needs a place for the supplies and the finished product. Right now he has three tiny drawers with his desk and that just isn't enough!

I realized half his closet - no more, was used for other family storage. We still need to use some of that space, but I did give some back to him, but of course, what does that mean? The family stuff now has to find a new home AGAIN and I KNOW a lot of it will end up down in the storage room! DH wanted to know if I had room to store the receiver he wants to sell and I know I shot him a glare... NO WAY. If he wants to sell it, he needs to deal with it. We still have FOUR turntables he's been "meaning" to sell for 4 years that I finally tucked away about a year ago because I got tired of the stack of boxes on the way to the laundry room.

But... Adrian comes home TODAY and I've now made things a big disaster again with reorganizing, ugh!!! and I have a splitting headache AND I need to make a cake! It's going to be quite a day I think!

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