Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My big dilemma - do I purchase in advance or wait for an order?

So, I've decided to offer these decorating parties. I think they would be a BLAST and really, for the money, a parent actually saves on gift bags and has less to worry about with entertainment. Plus, THIS kind of entertainment also enhances all sorts of great skills.

But while "I" think this is great, I don't know if this will fly or not. It would probably go over better if it were in a store where there wasn't any mess to contend with - just drop in, do your thing, and go, but... I'm not in a store yet (and probably never will be) so this is all I can offer.

I just don't know if I should get the supplies in advance - the turntables, aprons, hats, spatulas, tips and containers, so that I don't have to pay higher prices to get things FAST. OR, if I should just anticipate that I'll get orders, and get the stuff now or little by little when I find good prices. Since I'm excited about it, I want to buy NOW, but I need to think business smart, right? LOL Boy, it's so easy to be BAD!

I'm probably talking to myself here, but if someone would like to offer that voice of reason, I would surely appreciate it!

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