Monday, August 27, 2007

A little sleep a little more progress

Last night was ALMOST a normal night's worth of sleep, but why do I feel WORSE? I think my body is in revolt!

Well, I did paper the one wall and all the books have made it back to the shelves in all rooms and DH has gone ALL through the house to get his stacks and stacks and stacks of papers to FINALLY deal with them. Some have been waiting for a YEAR!!!

The toys have made it downstairs and most things are falling into place. HOWEVER, my cake studio is agai BURIED with all the things we found that need homes, so after cleaning it ALL up, I need to do it ALL again. Plus, we had a pretty good storm on Saturday night and my recently cleaned out patio is again full of debris - is someone trying to tell me something?

I must be a mad woman because now I plan to paint my son's room before he gets home... we'll see, not if I continue to feel this tired!!!

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