Friday, August 10, 2007

Cake Frustrations

Last night really taught me how much I still need to learn. First, I've never carved a cake before and guess what, it produces LOTS of crumbs and chocolate crumbs and white frosting is not a happy mix!

Second, I had a devil of a time icing this. I've learned that things with edges are HARD to do. Also, I hadn't made roses in 18 months, so I made a ton to be sure I got a few that turned out. Third, and most important - I was reminded ONCE AGAIN how horrible my writing is. Why can't I WRITE??? It's so frustrating to do a cake and then feel I ruin it with my 5th grader handwriting. I bought a cake projector so I could project the words and then I could trace them (tried doing them in reverse and transferring them to a cake, and nope... my hand just gets confused knowing I'm making an "a" but mirrored... it revolts!). Yep, spent $130 (which was a STEAL of a price) JUST so I could improve my handwriting, but... I haven't tried it yet.

I "think" the cake tured out OK, but it's not perfect. It's not completely smooth and that $#%& writing!!! Sigh... Maybe I need to take handwriting lessons again. (DH is from Croatia and he couldn't BELIEVE that I had several years of handwriting lessons in school... wish I could show more for it! Yikes!)

Now, everyone cross your fingers that this cake survives the 5 hour car ride in a cooler. If I wasn't so tired last night, I probably would have had a fitful sleep thinking about it!

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