Monday, August 13, 2007

No cakes lined up

I had a nice little run there for awhile, but now I don't have anything confirmed. The only cakes on the calendar are for my family. My oldest son is turning 11 on August 29th, but he'll still be on a trip to Europe with his grandma. He won't be back until the 30th. The kid will end up getting three cakes - one in Europe, one when he gets home, and then one for his birthday party with friends. LOTS of practice time for me!

I'm beginning to think about what I will make for the schools opening up. I think I'll send in some cake when the teachers are coming back for classroom set up before the school start day. I don't know what I want to bring though? Do I do a cupcake bouquet? Or a cupcake cake so they can just pull it apart? Or, a traditional cake? Tough call. I wanted to send something to school last year, but never had the chance to make a cake the way the toddler was sleeping. He consistently gets up at 5:30 am now, but at least he's sleeping through the night until then which is a recent development. This is a HUGE improvement.

I think I will practice with the cake projector though. I'll just make some dummy cakes or something. For once it would be nice to practice on something it's OK to mess up on instead of trying new things on customer cakes!

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