Sunday, August 5, 2007

And now at the following 2:15 am

I am about to go to bed... and I've been up since 4:20 am yesterday and the cake is still not done. I got myself into this one. I sent several pics and of course I should have only picked EASY images.. lesson learned. I have the image done, the filling done and the cake done. I just need to assemble it in the morning. It should be pretty cute! It just took me too long. It's already 5 hours and I still have a good hour to go on it... that's double the time I should spend on a cake. I guess I still am a green horn! Oh, and I didn't get that nap today and didn't get to the cake store. All around today was an icky day!

Well, it's now 8:20 am and I just need to wait for the transfer to defrost so I can smooth it and outline it and then I'm done. It came out pretty cute and I have to say that despite being REALLY tired (got up at 6 am), I'm enjoying decorating the cake... I guess I do love this if I can still enjoy it after getting only 7 hours of sleep for two nights total.

Well, here's the finished product. I bet you can't tell how difficult this was. It took 17 colors to do the image... again.. no one's fault but my own!

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