Friday, August 3, 2007

Well, Got the Cake Business Formally Started!

All my life I have been interested in one thing for a little while and the another for a little while. I've dabbled in sewing, in kid crafts, in crochet, etc. What would be a temporary passion would get dropped after a bit and never resumed again - or only for need, not passion. All of these crafts/hobbies have had one thing in common though - it's creating something. I like to MAKE things. DH could never really understand the things I liked because they aren't intellectual in nature like all of his interests. Plus, all of my interests seem to gobble up money, which also makes it a non-favorite thing for DH. (Hmmm... maybe that's why my oldest DS likes to make things too - he got the bug from his Mama!)

Anyway, a hobby that started quite by accident I find I am liking more and more - the more I do it and I think there are two things that make it different - well, maybe three. First, it changes all the time. I work with different images, different shapes and it never feels repetitive. Second, it also allows me to work with PEOPLE, not me just sitting alone with no one to really appreciate what I do. A project takes a few hours, not days or weeks and more importantly, it doesn't clutter the house, because it gets eaten or sent away. Of course, the third best thing about this not so new passion is that I can make money on it and not lose money; therefore, DH doesn't mind the hobby as much. Well, he does hate the mess it makes in the kitchen, but he seems to forget that when he sees a pile of green bills.

I'm quite excited about this adventure. It probably will never be a big money maker, but if it makes me happy, others are happy and I make more than I spend, well, it's all good in my book!

If you haven't checked out my site yet, please take a peak. I have been updating it nearly every few hours over the last couple days.


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