Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How in the he$$ will I survive today?

Today is a day I thank my lucky stars I have no cakes due... I have bee sleeping horribly and I think it's because I can't get my brain to shut down. Even DH seems to be more excited than usual. We have lived in this house for THREE years and we are FINALLY finishing up all the "stuff" to make it feel like home. Just a little more tweaking and we have a "home" - not just a place to eat and sleep.

Well, tomorrow is a BIG day. I purchased for a great price off craigslist a set of three bookcases - one is shown to the left. A family is moving across country and at the last minute they decided they aren't taking the bookcases!

Here's the ad: Three custom-built oak cabinets feature bookcase tops with adjustable shelves and base units with doors and adjustable shelves inside. Cost $2,600 new; selling as set of three for $500. No delivery. One cabinet shown in attached photo.

Each of these cabinets are 38.5" wide (about 6 inches wider than standard), 85 inches tall, and the base is 22" deep with the top being 11" deep. This is an AWESOME deal. I've seen these listed here and there for $1100 to $1500. I'm surprising DH with them. I used "my" fund to get them for a gift for DH. He has been in a basement afterthought office for almost our entire marriage!

So, anyway, the delivery guys are bringing them tomorrow. They will also carry the boxes and two filing cabinets upstairs for me... So, my plan was to get the room ready for Dh so that when he came home, the office he has been DREADING moving is all DONE... I was going to have the movers do the heavy stuff and I was going to do the rest.

However, I went to bed at 12:30 am. Couldn't fall asleep until 1 am something and Henry woke up at 2:30 am. He was TRYING to go back to sleep, but I smelled somethig funny after about an hour. Yep... poopy diaper. We came down to change the diaper, but of course, he was wide awake!!! Then, just 5 minutes ago, another poopy diaper... and "normal". It's 4 am... DH gets up at 7 am... I still need to pack those boxes downstairs to get ready for the big move and then I need to set up the room... How likely is that to happen if I only manage to catch 2 more hours of sleep? On top of several nights of 4-5 hours of sleep??? I must be getting old... I can't sleep when I'm planning things now... get too excited! Ugh... I'm only 37!!!!

Another sign of getting old is that I forget a scary amount of things. I can't TELL you how many times I have had to THINK about what DHs work number is and I call it all the time (and not speed dial). Same with my bank card code... I had to think for about a minute today and was drawing a blank!!! Scary stuff Maynard!

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