Wednesday, August 15, 2007

As with all hobbies, how to be organized?

I have reorganized my kitchen THREE times in this last year trying to organize the cake stuff as much as possible. First, I cleared one base cabinets and the bottom of our corner cabinet. Then, I cleared another base cabinet and got three baskets for on top of the corner cabinet and last, I made space in my spice drawer for the colors. But now I have things in FIVE places in my kitchen! and if I want to use the cake projector, I need to bring a lot downstairs. I'm also planning for these cake parties. I'll have the party supplies, but my guess is that it will also be nice to have some tricks up my sleeve (more tools) when helping kids too.

So, I found this. It's on a super sale at Home depot, but I have to think if this will TRULY save me room and be practical. Otherwise, I'm just throwing $40 away, which is never a smart thing to do!

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