Friday, August 24, 2007

Did I mention the main reason for the cake studio?

We are getting two cats! We have always had a cat, but our cat died a couple months ago at the age of 13 and we are ready now for two new babies. Well, one is a baby, the other is the baby's mother.

Our old cat was somewhat lame. He broke his tibia and fibula in a freak accident when he was a young cat and while he never limped or had problems, he must have lost the strength to jump... which in a way was a nice thing - no kitty on the counters! Not that I would wish that on any kitty, it did spoil us!

Well, it's been a couple months and we promised Adrian that we would get two kittens when he came home, however, while he was gone I started looking at the craigslist listings for shelters and rescues just to get an idea of what was out there. I read countless ads and saw there were frequent adoption events and way too many kittens around.

There was this one ad though that caught my attention, but Adrian had only been gone a week and this wasn't a kitten, but a mommy cat. Then another few days go by and another listing about the same cat. What no one had adopted this sweetie? Oh, and she had a kitten available too... but Adrian wasn't home. Finally, on the third listing, I found myself hoping this mommy cat WOULDN'T get adopted so we could adopt her and then I realized it was SILLY to want a cat on a description and picture only. Maybe she was NOTHING like it appeared. So, I decided to tell DH about the cat and to my surprise he said she sounded perfect and agreed to go take a peak, but first we had to ask Adrian if it was OK to adopt an older (though probably only 1 to 2 years old) mommy cat. Adrian was fine with that, so we made a visit.

She was everything she was said to be and we were hooked - this was the cat we wanted. Her last kitten was still there too and he too was such a cutie, but he was already adopted and just needed to be picked up. And again, this was OK because Adrian would want to be with us to choose a kitten.

All we needed was to take care of some formalities. I mentioned to the foster family that we were also looking for a kitten to go with this mommy cat once my son got home and if she had any leads or suggestions to let us know. A day later she tells me that the adoption of the mommy cat's kitten was falling through and that this little boy was probably available if we wanted him.

Well, of course I wanted him - he was super sweet too, but neither DH nor I felt right about just bringing it two cats with Adrian gone, so again we spoke to Adrian about it and he knows there is the kitten possibility too. To make it even better for Adrian to feel he's part of this decision, we aren't picking up either cat from foster care until Adrian gets home. Then, when he says the two cats together and knows they are mother and son, I'm sure this will be the kitte he will want to take home... but it's not definite. Kids can ALWAYS surprise you!

So... I knew cats were coming to our home soon for a few months and I knew that some people wouldn't like the idea of cats and cakes mingling and I knew I couldn't leave the room ever if a cake or frosting was in the making and that just doesn't work. Cakes take about 4 hours to complete - I don't stay in the kitchen that entire time!!! That's where the "I need a room I can take the cake to decorate" came from. A room with a door that clicks shut. My two options were the study or the storage room and the storage room won out because of all the practicalities of it. This will be a cat free zone, always.

Adrian comes home in 6 days and we plan to get the kitties (hopefully both of them) a week from today! In the meantime I need to finish EVERYTHING! Argh!!!

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