Monday, August 20, 2007

Good outweighs the bad!

Well, I had the one disappointed customer (and she is being GREAT about it, btw!!!) but I had two other very satisfied customers - that makes me feel better! Phew... Now just to get more cake orders!!! Getting your name out there is the hardest part!

For cake stuff... it's an icky rainy day here in my neck of the woods - feels like cake making weather to me! Plus, I want to start moving furniture all over the place. SOMEHOW I WILL make a little cake studio ALL FOR ME!!! I really, really need a place to spread out, make a mess and have NO ONE CARE! LOL Hmm... sure! We'll see!

In my disappearing post from Saturday (grrrr.) I offered to make payment in cake if someone wants to come over and help me carry books and furniture up two flights of stairs.... Now I know why no one has jumped at the chance for helping me out! They never saw the post! Doy!

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