Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I got to play today!

When my best friend asked me to do her wedding cake, I decided to take the Wilton 1 course. I figured I would take the other two, but STILL haven't gotten to it. Anyway, instead of buying the supplies little by little, I used the 40% off coupon to by the mother of all kits and then, on top that, bought MORE tips in a supplemental set. Um... that was like 18 months ago or LONGER and besides a few tips, I've never used any others. I never even played around! But, last night I pre-made all that buttercream, so it was there for the waiting. Then, Henry seemed quite content playing with himself for awhile today, so I took out my tips and the buttercream and started experimenting! What fun!

Today I FINALLY learned how to do the shell border and reverse shell border and I learned how to make a rosebud and half rose. I did all sorts of drop flowers, used the cute ruffler tips and even figured out that a tip I was CLUELESS how to use is a type of long leaf tip. Some of those tips are QUITE clever! We were supposed to learn a lot of that in Course 1, but our instructor didn't show up the last class, nice huh? LOL

Of course, that meant I now had to clean the 11 tips I played around with, but how FUN to finally be able to do that. I've never made a practice cake or anything because who has time and well, my waistline doesn't need any thickening, thank you! I manage to do that on my own JUST fine.

I was like a kid playing with her new playdough toys today!

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