Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oooo, I think I may have room for that studio!

Ok, no cake baking yesterday, but I sure did work hard and amazingly, I'm not sore today!

First, I weeded and laid mulch in our backyard flower beds. I admit, I hadn't weeded for about 6 weeks because it had been so hot and I was just closing the curtains to the burgeoning weed population. It was cool all weekend and I didn't do yard work, but with yesterday's mostly dry, cool day, I felt it was time to tackle the weeds. So, did that, swept the patio area, tidied up and laid mulch in the beds (AGAIN) to help control the weed population.

Then I started tackling the storage rooms downstairs. We have one full room, a tiny corner of the laundry room and then space under the stairs. I got rid of some more junk, moved some things around, and VOILA I have about a 6 foot wall space in the storage room big enough for a cake AND sewing studio!!! I brought down a rolling IKEA storage cart from upstairs for either cake or sewing supplies, and I still have about 4 feet for a desk/table. I have two desks/tables that will work, so it's just a matter of choosing the best one and getting them in there. I even have TWO full old kitchen overhead cabinets for my stuff! SWEET! (Literally!)

With this big switch of rooms, my sewing room was going to move upstairs too, but I had some MAJOR reservations about that. That room is CARPETED and carpet makes picking up threads more difficult, but more importantly, finding lost pins is REALLY hard and I would HATE for some little foot to get jabbed with a pin! I would like to think I would notice every pin coming loose from the fabric, but I do home dec. sewing, so these are big, long, bulky pieces and pins always work their way out of the fabric and I wouldn't hear them fall on to the carpet. Plus, it was just looking like my sewing stuff in that room was going to be a compromise on space for me. My supply cabinet would be across the room instead of next to the table and it would be a tight fit.

Not sure how I feel about being relegated to the storage room with unfinished ceiling and walls, but the floors are finished and the kitchen cabinets on the wall are still fairly new (were just too small for upstairs). Plus, I will be right behind the deep freezer where I will store the icing and can thaw and go, right there in the room. Most importantly, the room has a door I can pull closed and forget about everything. I can use the downstairs laundry tub for clean up too (or the bathroom I suppose for quick cleanups and that's right next to me). Plus, I'm the only one who EVER goes into the storage room. I don't even think DH knows what's in there. In his mine, most of it is "mine" because it's holiday decorations, outgrown baby clothes waiting for me to sell on ebay, fabric, and things like our old fish tank, picnic stuff, and so on.
Most importantly it's a room where I can keep the toddler out. He does NOT need to be near sewing or cake supplies - too many small things to lose or get hurt on.

Do I sound psyched? LOL

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