Saturday, August 4, 2007

These are my least favorite cake days

Well, off of the high comes the low of cake decorating. When you are doing something for someone else, you have to do it. It is 5:30 am and my "darling" toddler has been awake since 4:20 am. We tried to go back to bed for an hour, but here I am - on the computer... So, I'll be dead tired today and will need a nap and still have a cake to bake and decorate. I was looking forward to cake time tomorrow evening, and now I'm not. Well, I'll feel better once I have a nap. The kicker though is that my "dear" husband didn't come to bed until 4:30 am too (and he knows I HATE when he does that), so he'll want to sleep in this morning... Grrr... Well... that's life. I didn't have to stay up until 12:30 am either, I suppose, but after being alone ALL day with a toddler, I was craving some company!!! I need to learn to go to bed when the Little One goes down because this sleepless cycle is WAY too common for us. It's a big reason why this cake business was off to a slow start. When I first thought of starting all this DS was still waking 5 to7 times a night. I was WAY to chronically sleep deprived to do it.

The highlight of my day will be going to the cake store today though. That is just an eye candy store for me! Keep your fingers crossed that I get a NICE, LOOOOOOONG nap in later today!

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