Saturday, September 1, 2007

The cats have landed!

And Adrian (and Henry) are in love. They are the sweetest cats. We have changed their names and their "new" names sem to fit them. We all think that Hobbit names are great for cats, so we named them Belladonna Took (Bella for short) and Peregrin Took (Pippen for short). Belladonna was Bilbo Baggins mother and Pippen's great, great Aunt. Belladonna means "Beautiful woman" which really seems to fit this Mommy of three kittens and adopted mommy of three more kittens, plus she is really pretty.

Peregrin means traveller in strange countries and that seems to fit a kitten who has gone from home, to a shelter, to a rescue foster and now to our home. Plus, how cute does Pippen sound for a little cat. He's a REALLY pretty kitten and has TOTALLY adopted our oldest son Adrian. He LOVES him - head butting him, giving kitty kisses and even slept with Adrian. I don't think Adrian could be any happier.

Bella has adopted the "adults". She follows us everywhere and took to sleeping at my feet last night. Having two HEALTHY and young cats made me realize how long it had been since we had a healthy cat. Nimbus had been deteriorating for so long that you start to lose sight of what "normal" cat behavior is. They are both so sweet - makes me wonder why they weren't adopted yet!

OK, off to love my two new kitties!

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