Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Doin' the successful sleep happy dance!

This one is for the baby books! Henry slept through the night for the FIRST TIME in his life last night! He was in bed asleep by 8:20 pm and he woke for his "ten minutes" at 6:15 am this morning!!! That is TWO hours later than usual! It is now 7:20 am and he's STILL SLEEPING!!! OMG!!!! Doin' another jig!

Yesterday it was hanging around the house day and finishing up all the "yuck" of the three room (sort of four room) switcheroo! Well, not all of it, but the bulk of it.

Oh, the little one is up! He heard the tea kettle and now he's sitting nicely beside me drinking orange juice... and is HAPPY! YAY!!! 11 hours of sleep which is about 3 hours more than usual! No less than 2 hours... skipping around again!

Anyway, back to yesterday. He had such good sleep at night the last two nights that he wasn't sleepy at ALL yesterday until about 5 pm and by then, to late for nap. I checked to see if he wanted to go to sleep all afternoon and got a resounding "NO!" each time. He's strange, since he was itty bitty, he would always TELL ME he's ready to take a nap/go to sleep. Now, we do follow a schedule, but he would be bouncing up and down at the mention of nap or going to bed and later, would tell me if he needed an earlier nap or earlier to bed... strange... I know. But, yesterday he didn't act or ask for sleep and so I decided to see how it would go and lo and behold, he slept great last night!!!

Maybe today he'll be sleepy and need a nap, who knows, but the shorter naps (like one hour or less) is KEY!!!


Anonymous said...

That is great that he is sleeping better.
I have never asked a child if they were ready for a nap.
I never believed it was an option. I always told my boys, the kids I babysat for and my grandson that after lunch was nap time. No asking, no discussing. It just was and they knew it and never said anything but took a nap. :)
Glad he is sleeping better. You probably are too.

Sweet Melissa said...

Well, it isn't an option, but since he has ALWAYS (and I mean from the time he was like less than a year old) given me signals he wants to go to sleep, I watch for his signals of being sleepy and until two weeks ago, at the same time almost every day (and when he had two naps a day... the same times then)I would ask him if he wanted to go to sleep and he would start jumping up and down saying, "oh..." which he signal for YES!!! Now... when I see it's nap time and he hasn't given me the "signals" I tell him it's nap time...

So, it's not that it a choice just that he has always been WILLING to nap when it was time to nap, so why not ask him if I know the answer? lately for sleep at night he doesn't want to go to bed, but I tell him about ten minutes before that it's about time and then ten minutes later I tell him it's time for night-night and by then he's 'accepted' it that he needed to go to sleep.

Now, my OLDER child was completely opposite. he DID NOT want to sleep ever, so it was the 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, OK, time to go to bed and then the "real" fight would begin. henry, the younger one almost always GOES to sleep easily... just doesn't like to sleep for long. he did nap for two hours at his normal time, so tonight will probably be a shorter night.