Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to test recipes and not get MORE fat!

I really would like to try some new cake recipes. I have a few GREAT recipes, but my repetoire is still pretty small. I don't want to bake and give it all away (minus a few cupcakes) because what if it's BAD? I also want people to be HONEST and say, "this is too dry" or "this doesn't have much flavor" and not be AFRAID to say, "ICK!" (I know, how many cakes are "ick" but it can happen!)

I suppose I can bring things to mom's club and ethical society and just state... "testing new recipe, tell me what you think", though... but that could be chancy! The Momsclub is my primary market so far (gotta change that!).

The recipes I really like are my yellow cake, my lighter chocolate cake and my darker/heavier chocolate cake. I like my pound cake, but I'm not satisfied with my butter cake... a tad dry IMO. I haven't tried a great white cake recipe yet either.

I have a really good buttercream recipe and chocolate buttercream recipe, but my meringue buttercream was a big bomb in April at home. It was like eating a fluffy stick of butter. It needs more flavor or something. The recipe is PRECISELY as in a handful of books I have, but not appetizing unless people really just want the taste of sweetened butter.

I'm afraid to try many recipes from the Cake Bible since my super dry recipe is from there and a lot of other people complain of dryness with that book. But, at the same time, my great chocolate recipe is from that book, so I know not everything is dry from there.

I also haven't tried a SINGLE recipe from my Professional Pastry Chef book or my European cake book. I've made most of the appealing cakes in the Croatian book though, so I'm good to go there.

I'm talking about this and DH will kill me if I make a bunch of cakes for us to try as he just went down a pant size and he would like to stay there of course! And I'm trying to be better about my weight too! Sigh... I wish this was TRUE health food and not a healthier version of junk food that I make! LOL