Saturday, September 22, 2007

Getting closer to being ALL organized!

We got the playroom all together yesterday and now my living room is FREE of baby toys! YAY! The room all of sudden looks amazingly bigger! Of course, with all cleaning and reorganizing, you find MORE things that need to be done, but this time it involves DH's stuff and not mine. He'll be busy!

Of course, my older son reminded me that in his room he still has that drawer unit FULL of craft stuff which is my next organizational task. Some goes to the cake studio room and some goes to the playroom depending on what age it's geared towards. And I'm thinking... once that is done... I think we are done with all the switcheroo. Now... how many rooms really are affected. The craft room went completely out of there. The one drawer unit and one toy unit went to older DSs room and some things from older DS's room went to the new study. Then because of the bookcase fiasco, the bookcases downstairs had to go upstairs and then we had more storage in the rec room with those bookcases, so some things went there from the craft/play room. Then some things from the craft/play room went to the storage room and the bulk went to the new play room. But, to make room for things in the storage room, I needed to move some things out of there to the furnace room (behind the furnaces is a storage area under the stairs) and to the laundry room (moved the tool chest to the laundry room and moved the table out). Lastly, all the toys and stray books from the living went down to the play room and rec room. Oh, and how can I forget. With making the cake studio, I removed a lot of cake stuff from the kitchen to put in that rolling cart to be put in the storage room. So... our house has 11 rooms if you count the three storage areas (storage room, furnace room and laundry room) and ALLLLLLL of those rooms were reorganized to some degree except for my bedroom and I can hardly leave that out because for temporary storage while switching rooms, LOTS of boxes landed there temporarily.

NO WONDER this is taking forever and seems so complicated, we are basically reorganizing our whole home!!! Hmm... have you ever wondered about those shows "Clean Sweep" and "Neat"... they do two rooms, but you HAVE to know that if two rooms are a mess, there are areas of the ENTIRE house that needs help and probably LOTS of stuff in those rooms really belong in another room! I suppose it's meant to be a starting point for people to get better organized if two spaces are in good shape, but I bet it's hard to get it all done because, well, it's OVERWHELMING to sift through your belongs while you live there. I know I've been doing it closet by closet, one small area by one small area.... NO WAY could I do it all at once.

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