Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some age related musings

Now, I KNOW I'm not old, but I was an older mom with my second child. I got married at 23, had my first at 26, we waited several years while DH was getting his PhD, then we started trying, had a miscarriage and then dealt with two years of infertility after that before I got pregnant with Henry when I was 34. He was born when I was 35.

So, here I am, turning 38 in a few months (December) and I have an 11 year old and a 2 year old. All of that seems fine to me now... no biggee, but when I start looking FORWARD, I realize that when my oldest finishes high school, my younger one will be only finishing the 2nd grade!!! When my oldest is done with college (if he does it in 4 years) then my youngest will just be finishing 6th grade... I have a 6th grader NOW, so to think of a graduated college student AND a graduated elementary school student is like, WOW!!!

Then I start thinking about how old I will be when Henry finishes college. I'll be 57 years old, my spouse will be SIXTY!!! and my oldest will be 30 years old!!! OMG!!!

Of course, to DH is is all probably normal as his parents were older, his aunt and uncle even older than that, but for MY Family, that's ancient. My parents were 21 and 19 when I was born and I was not an "oops" baby. I was born 10 months after they were married and was WANTED... My Mom has four kids and by the time the YOUNGEST was 22, she was only 48 years old. My dad, if he were living, would only have been 46!!!! When I was 22, mom was only 43 years old and my dad only 41... can you see what it's freaky to me?

Even now it seems weird that young people probably think we are middle aged. DH is 40... I'm married to someone who is FORTY... How did that happen? He was 26 when we got married! (And he still looks so young, so that makes it even weirder to think he's 40!)

Man, when I was a teenager I thought it was so long ago that my Mom was a teenager and how could she KNOW what I was feeling/thinking? Well, I remember like it was YESTERDAY!!! It's freaking me out that some of my high school classmates have kids graduating from HS already.. on the other hand, some are still having babies!

This aging stuff is just weird!

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