Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's talk about dirty dishes and kitchen mess

This is the bane of my life. Sometimes I wish I didn't care about environmental things or cared about how it 'feels' to eat from plastic/paper, because, I'm tellin' ya, I HATE doing dishes!!! And cake days??? Ugh!!!!! I think it's the BIGGEST reason people start buying cakes instead of making them - it's not about the decorations (most people don't ever learn how to decorate well - but probably COULD if they wanted to), it's about the mess you make when you make a cake - especially when you do it from scratch.

First, you have the cake batter dishes - a couple measuring cups, some spoons and usually two mixing bowls, mixer beaters, and then two baking pans usually. Unless you are the neatest person in the planet, you will also get some spilled flour and sugar on the counters and around the mixer in the process. Then, the drying rack and counters get all crumby when the cake comes out of the over. But then comes the frosting. First, another mixing bowl and most likely MORE mixer mess with powder sugar residue all around. If you are doing colors, then you need bowls for mixing colors, and spoons. Now, let's decorate - add in tips, bags, and spatulas... Did your family eat at least ONE meal in the meantime? Add those dishes in there too. Now... your kitchen probably looks like it vomited all over itself - mess galore!

I "TRY" to do the cake things in shifts, but it doesn't always happen, especially if I'm doing it while the family is up. If I do it late at night, I can get the cake batter stuff cleaned up and I usually do the big stuff by hand because they take up too much space in the dishwasher. On cake days we do two, sometimes THREE loads in ONE day!!! It's insane!

I have started to use disposable bowls and spoons for mixing colors if I have a lot of them, but I always feel bad about that, so my kitchen has to already be in a super sorry state to get me to give in to that.

The mess in the kitchen is the biggest reason I offer delivery! I don't want to scare off customers by showing off my cake mess!!! I KNOW all cake decorators deal with this too, but unless you are able to get things done well in advance, cake mess will still be there when the cake is finished and ready for delivery... again, another reason I want to get that cake studio up and running! I want to hide my cake mess from public view! LOL

If any of you cake people have some words of wisdom for me besides "I don't move onto the next step until the mess is cleaned up", then PLEASE lay them on me! I'm still dealing with the dish back-up since Sunday (doesn't help I had migraines the last two days).


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