Monday, September 24, 2007

Colette Peters book on cake decorating

Another book I got at the library last weekend was a book on cake decorating by Colette Peters. I can't recall the name offhand, but it's her birthday cake fun book with cake themes from the zodiac and birthstones.

I must admit, it's fun to look at these cakes as they are quite amazing, but I just wonder about these, and ALL the super big or fancy cakes, who PAYS for these? Is there a market for cakes that take tens of hours to make? And cost a lot in ingredients/supplies too. Or, are there just enough hobby people who want to make these special cakes for their own kids/grandkids?

I like a fancy cake to look at, but I would hate to spend ALL that time on a cake and I have a quite a bit of patience, but IMO, a cake should not take DAYS to do. The only times I can see exceptions to that is for weddings and other HUGE parties/celebrations where lots of money and effort are going into the rest of the party too... but for a kid's first birthday? For a boyfriend's birthday? Um... no!

A couple of them I think are super cool looking, but then I wonder, "how do you EAT it?" One is covered, COVERED in M&Ms in a very pretty mosiac pattern. The cake takes like 1200 M&Ms which is a really cool effect, but how would biting into a cake studded with M&Ms taste? I would have to scrape it all off to eat it. Others are covered so much with Royal Icing FLowers or gumpaste items...again, all this effort, just to be brushed aside and tossed out. By the time you can EAT the cake, it's UGLY from being disassembled. Again, just my preference, but I don't want my cake to get "naked" just to be eaten. I want people to just be able to dig in.

So... while it was fun looking at the pictures, I would never make a cake like this - even if I had the talent to do so. That's just too much "stuff" for me to get over in the "cake should be food" thoughts. I know I'm in the minority in thinking that way, but what can I say? that's how I feel about it! LOL


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