Saturday, September 15, 2007

Started to do some stuff for me!!!

First I ordered some "woman" bras and have decided to retire the nursing bras. My toddler only nurses to sleep, so why do I need to wear those AWFUL droopy bras any more?

Then, I found some new jeans and black slacks and three tops that FIT and aren't mommy clothes. I think so much of the reason i feel like crap is taht I feel like a slob all the time.

Of course, after all that "boosting" yesterday I got 4 hours of sleep last night, so now I feel like crap and could care LESS about looking good! LOL THAT is the vicious cycle.

Off to the farmer's market this morning (love that!), then to decorate a cake, then to take my older son to TKD and then I'm TAKING A NAP, then meeting a friend at the park for a walk.. Hmm... I also need to head to the store, but NOT until I've gotten some sleep!

Sometimes this parenting gig is WAY overrated!

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