Thursday, September 27, 2007

Got an interesting freebie issue of a magazine yesterday

I really dislike most magazines because they are so much paper for so little substance. Then I got this magazine freebie yesterday and I was impressed. First, it is 3 hole punched so I can store it whole or take it apart to store in a binder (nice!!!), then... NO ADVERTISING! Third, I actually learned some things and I'm a pretty darn good cook, but I guess I don't know it all! LOL

This is it: I have never (and I mean NEVER) paid for a subscription to a magazine before. I've gotten a few free year long subscriptions, but never have I actually considered a magazine worth getting even for the minimal fee they are. But.... I think I'm going to pay the $22 for the 6 issues because it's not crap!!! Wow, what a concept! LOL

I know, just what I need is more food stuff, but hey, I love it, right?

Anyone else know of this magazine? Am I giving it higher points than I should? What do you think?

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