Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Making cupcakes this morning and it's making me happy!

I love making things for people and seeing them smile and enjoy. It puts me in a good mood all day long to provide an essential part of a person's special day. All day on Saturday I was thinking about how the Sweet 16 girl would react to her cake and it just made me smile. It was so special and I helped the Mom's vision come to fruition and that just makes me feel good. It's the same with cooking ANYTHING really. When I'm by myself, or even with just the kids, I could care less what I prepare, but for a sit down meal for the entire family, most of the time I try to prepare something that they will truly enjoy... and holiday meals? Well... DAYS of preparing lead to spectacular meals!

So, I'm making just simple yellow cupcakes topped with chocolate and regular buttercream, but I know it will make the kids (and maybe some of the moms) happy, so it makes me happy!

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