Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm a big schmuck, I didn't go ANYWHERE today!

I was just too tired and then I got depressed because I was so tired... it's such a vicious cycle! but, I have the ingredients I need for the bow, so I'll attempt it tonight, I PROMISE and pinky swear!

Now, if someone could just trade me with a GOOD mother in law, I would be SOOOOOOO happy. She wanted to come to our house to watch Henry. She told DH, "well there's so much more for henry to do at home." Excuse me, I haven't been away from Henry like for SIX weeks - not a single day or single outing, don't you think I need a break?!?!?! She lived with her mom when DH was little (his parents split right before he was born) and she says all the time, "Oh, after Sven went to bed I would go to the movies and spend time with my boyfriends" and that and she could ALWAYS go wherever she wanted to because her mom would watch her kid for her... I know she thinks the best place for a child is their home, but GOOD GRIEF, don't I ever need a break????? She got one nearly DAILY at her own admission... OK... breathe Melissa...

Of course, you all don't know the situation of MIL, but she moved to this country to be near her only son and to help us with the kids. She said when we got married that when we had kids she wanted to watch them for us. And, she did with Adrian, but with Henry? almost NOTHING. She moved to be in the SAME TOWN as us after we skipped all over the place for a few years so she could be near to help and she NEVER helps, EVER... We have to help her all the time, so I'm always a bit miffed... that and we are about as polar opposite as two people can be, so you can imagine the "tension". It's terrible, but I'm always happier when she's not here and wouldn't be sad AT ALL if she moved back to Croatia... she's a MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR thorn in my side. It doesn't help that she and DH are always having spats too. They just push each other's buttons so easily... Sigh... what's a gal to do?

But, MIL will watch Henry tomorrow at her place, so I'll pick this place up, vacuum and get all the things done that I can't do with him underfoot. That kid is TERRIFIED of the vacuum, so you can imagine the condition of my stairs!

You will hear me rant about MIL fairly often. She is unbelievable and I really have nowhere else to rant, so you'll have to bear with me. Her one "good" thing is that she thinks I'm BRILLIANT with cakes, LOL, but... she won't eat American cake and makes all sorts of noise when I make one for the family... really nice! LOL

OK, I feel better and now it's time to get little one to bed.

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