Friday, September 7, 2007

Feel bad about my rant

I sounded like a spoiled brat... of course, MIL doesn't OWE us anything and she doesn't have to watch the kids, but it's very lopsided. We help her A LOT. I go to help her change her sheets, when she came back from her trip I stocked her refrigerator with essentials. I watered her plants and checked her mail when she was gone. Whenever she has a doctor's appt. not in the usual building, I drive for her (she's afraid to drive most places), if she needs something to order or to deal with something, I help as she's not confident with her English and has NO computer skills and so on. DH helps her with investments so she doesn't lose her funds (DH is an economist)... So... expecting or HOPING that she watch the kids like once or twice a month for a couple hours is not unreasonable, imo. DH and I have not had more than TWO dates in close to 3 years either.

People will say, "it's nice your MIL is close to help with the kids"... well... she's more work than help, so I don't agree. Guaranteed that when I go over there she will have things for me to do - either phone calls or garbage or deciphering her mail or something.

But.. onwards to cakes - it's crunch time!!! Gotta get it done TODAY! LOL It's due tomorrow afternoon.

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