Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No mixer can do it all I've concluded

I have a heavy duty electrolux DLX2000 stand mixer. I love it... LOVE IT. It makes HUGE batches of buttercream in the 8 quart mixer and can do a double batch of a cake recipe in the smaller bown with the whisk attachment. For whole grain breads, it's hands down the best mixer as it can handle super stiff doughs. However, I've tried mixing cookie dough a few times and find I prefer how it turns out mixed by hand instead. I don't quite understand WHY the texture is different, but it is. Then, I read some reviews, and yep, that's the conclusion by experts too - KitchenAids are better for cookie batter.

Kitchenaid mixers, on the other hand, are not great at heavy doughs. Most bread making sites say that KA motors will burn out or strain with the load of a heavy, whole grain bread dough. Many cake bakers also lament that it strains with making fondant. Yet for cookie dough and cake batters, it does great.

But... both of these are expensive machines. Especially if you are a serious baker because the smaller KAs are too small for avid bakers. So, you are looking at $500 for the DLX and about $300 on sale for the KA Pro 6 quarts. Set aside the cost, now let's look at how BIG they are. As it is, I don't keep my mixer on the counter, because who has ROOM????? I take out that monster every time I make a cake. I don't even keep a coffee maker on the counter either because we don't use it enough to justify it to be out. Enough space is gobbled by the microwave, toaster oven and the canister set (which holds 5lbs of flour/sugar each).

However, I know a lot of bakers own two KA mixers because when you are baking, it's nice to have more than one machine working at a time. I don't think I'll ever get there, but there are plenty of times I'm tempted to get a Kitchenaid mixer, but I think my husband would kill me as he barely thought it was worth getting the mixer I have and that was an ebay STEAL (got it for $250 SHIPPED on a mislabeled auction).

Though, that doesn't keep me from dreaming and drooling! I have a pretty nice kitchen, but I definitely dream of an even better kitchen that can hold ALL my stuff. Of course, space would be a LOT better in my kitchen if I had a PANTRY!!! Sigh... can't have everything I suppose!

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