Saturday, September 29, 2007

Off to the farmer's market

The season is almost over which makes me sad! When the pumpkins and apples take over, you know the end is near. How I enjoy the flavorful tomatoes and peaches and fresh herbs in huge bunches... now it will be back to the grocery store staples. I think the farmer's markets must take a pretty big hit on grocery stores because the store I usually go to is pretty stocked all fall, winter and spring, but this summer they were seriously lacking in the variety you would expect.

When we lived in Waterloo, Ontario, we lived near a year round market. In summer there wre TONS of outdoor booths as well as the indoor buildings, but in winter, things were still coming, except then it was the fresh mennonite meats and dairy and baked goods. Upstairs was a continual flee market. That place was FABULOUS and in summer? OMG yum!!!! We went twice a week during the summer and weekly during the cooler months... sometimes I miss living in a more rural area. The city wasn't small, but it wasn't this GINORMOUS area like here where there are millions of people all crowded together. It's expensive too!

Well... I need to get going!

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