Monday, September 3, 2007

School starts tomorrow and I know I won't have time

So, I will post now. Well, somehow, I got enough energy to make those cupcake cheeseburgers. They were actually quite easy and it must have been my lucky day because I had in the freezer red, green and yellow/orange ziplocs of icing - just enough for the condiments of the cupcakes.

They were a HUGE hit at the party and I tried a sliver and they were quite good. I decorated only the perimeter of the cupcakes, so there was actually very little icing - just nice, yummy yellow and chocolate cakes and people LOVED the taste too... big score for me.

Also, I have a huge mixer, so I made extra and now I have 2 8" yellow cakes and 2 6" chocolate cakes which I will make for the end of the first week of school for Adrian's teacher's lounge. So, all in all it was a good cake day.

I told people at the picnic that I was starting a little business and they all felt I would be very successful... well, it takes ORDERS to be successful! I love that people love my cakes, but compliments don't make success.. but I must be patient. It IS happening, just ever so slowly.

It was a good day though - a beautiful day at someone's home on the Chesapeake Bay - very nice indeed.

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